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Cannabis Legalization Law of Westchester County- Lex Weed Delivery

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Before consuming cannabis, we should know about its legality in the city and the rules to be followed. In this article, you will get to know everything about the cannabis legalization law of Westchester County by Lex weed delivery.

Is Cannabis Cultivation Legal in Westchester County?

The consumption or cultivation of cannabis is now legal in Westchester County. Marijuana was legalized in July 2014 for medical use. In 2021, the New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) was enacted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state, which established the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to regulate medical marijuana as well as recreational cannabis in the state.

New York's marijuana laws allow marijuana cultivation by a registered medical marijuana patient in his or her residence up to six marijuana plants.

In addition, a marijuana caregiver is allowed to grow plants for only 4 patients. This means that only 12 mature marijuana plants can grow at any given time.

Legal age for cannabis consumption in Westchester County?

According to the MRTA act of weed legalization in Westchester County-

  • People 21 years of age and above are permitted to cultivate up to six marijuana plants in their homes, including three immature marijuana plants for their personal recreational use.

  • A household with more than one adult aged 21 and above may grow up to 12 marijuana plants, including six immature plants.

  • It is essential that resident-cultivated cannabis must be kept away from persons under the age of 21.

  • Entities interested in the cultivation of commercial marijuana for the purpose of recreational use must apply for and receive a New York Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator License.

  • Registered organizations are permitted to cultivate marijuana for medical use in the county. Westchester County does not have an ordinance regulating the cultivation of marijuana in the county.

Is Cannabis Manufacturing Legal in Westchester County?

Manufacturing weed is now legal in Westchester County. As per the MRTA act-

  • Conditional adult-use processor licensees may process marijuana products by extracting, preparing, treating, manufacturing, or modifying marijuana plants.

  • Existing hemp processors in Westchester County may apply for an adult-use processor license.

  • Registered organizations may also process cannabis for medical or recreational purposes in Westchester County.

Is Cannabis Retail Legal in Westchester County?

Yes, this is true! Cannabis retail is now legal in Westchester County, NY.

It is permitted for registered cannabis dispensaries to sell medical cannabis to medical marijuana patients and their prescribers.

The sale of cannabis for recreational use is also permitted by the MRTA. Cannabis products including oils, edibles, vapes, and tinctures are permitted by licensed retail dispensaries for adults 21 years of age and above.

Also, retail dispensaries are not allowed within 500 feet of a school or 200 feet of a religious center and their advertisement is also prohibited in public places and schools.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Westchester County?

Yes! Cannabis delivery is also legal in Westchester County. The MRTA allows registered dispensaries to deliver medical and recreational marijuana products to medical marijuana patients and adults 21 and older in the county. A delivery business must verify the age of each buyer before making a delivery. In addition, the products must be labeled with the laboratory test mark and packaged with due care.

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What are the legal places to consume weed in Westchester County?

  • Smoking is permitted anywhere under smoke-free air laws, with some exceptions, such as within 15 feet of an entrance or exit of a healthcare facility such as a hospital.

  • Smoking cannabis in a vehicle is totally illegal

  • You will not be charged with a crime if you go outside your house and smoke weed in your car parked on your private driveway.

  • People can also keep up to five pounds of cannabis in their apartments, provided they have taken "reasonable steps" to keep it in a secure location.

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