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Strain information: 3.5 gram gift per order


We're usually taught that Jealousy is not something you want. Today, that assumption will be challenged. This Indica-dominant cannabis strain has a reputation for being extremely potent. The THC content in our batch of Jealousy was grown by Tahoe Hydro tested at nearly 30% THC! I'm sure this wasn't by accident because we see this strain averaging in the high twenties. The cannabis gurus at Seed Junky Genetics created this hybrid in conjunction with Minntz. It is a cross of Gelato 41 with Sherbert Bx1.The robust, popcorn-shaped, Jealousy nuggets have tightly curled, forest-green leaves, with olive-green streaks. These are almost completely hidden under the caterpillar-like, fuzzy yellow trichomes. A web of fiery-orange pistils run through the buds like streets on a road map. The aroma is strong, but sweet, with fumes of orange-citrus being most notable alongside hints of lavender. The flavor is similar to orange soda, with a peppery aftertaste. Although Jealousy is technically Indica-dominant, users report a powerful psychoactive euphoria, which is not surprising considering its potency. Most users say they experience increases in energy and enhanced creativity, with a stimulation of the imagination. Focusing this creativity and energy is perhaps the greatest challenge, as many consumers find their mind jumping around uncontrollably. Reductions in chronic pain and tension-related grievances such as cramps and migraines, were commonly mentioned with Jealousy. Despite this, users rated Jealousy as an Indica with low couch lock potential. Jealousy is yet another masterpiece from Seed Junky Genetics and Minntz, gifting users with an amazing orange-citrus flavor and extreme potency.


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